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Alaska Train

Anchorage, Alaska; Photo by Allyson Pakstis


2017 Rural Behavioral Health Webinar Series Overview

The 2017 Rural Behavioral Health Webinar Series will provide resources and information on innovative approaches to address rural community behavioral health. These approaches are embedded in a public health framework that acknowledges the role that social, economic, and geographic elements play in the lives of individuals and how they impact behavioral health and well-being. Through these webinars participants will learn about strategies to create and sustain services and supports that reduce the impact of behavioral health issues and promote a good quality of life for an entire community. The webinar series provides an opportunity for participants to learn from experts and is intended to facilitate peer-to-peer networking, knowledge exchange, and information sharing.

The 2017 Rural Behavioral Health Webinar Series has been completed. To access the audio and power point presentation for these webinar please visit the Archived Webinars section on the web portal.

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