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Siceloff E.R., Barnes-Young C., Massey C., Yell M., Weist M.D. (2017) Building Policy Support for School Mental Health in Rural Areas. In: Michael K., Jameson J. (eds) Handbook of Rural School Mental Health. Springer, Cham

In this chapter, we discuss the unique challenges to addressing the mental health needs of children and youth that exist in rural settings. We begin by describing the mental health status of children and adolescents nationwide and then focus our attention on rural settings. As part of our discussion, we review what has been done at the federal level to mitigate rural disparities as well as how one southeastern state is addressing the mental health needs of its rural youth. Together, this information provides an important backdrop for understanding and overcoming the unique challenges of implementing SMH programs and services in a rural setting, which we discuss in the final section of this chapter.

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