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Coordination in Responding to Crisis in Rural Communities

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 00:00
Francis, K., Kelly, N., Templeton, K., Naseri, G., Willett, M.
Rural Behavioral Health Webinar Series

In rural communities the occurrence of a disaster crisis impacts the community as a whole affecting the social, economic, and cultural fabric of the community. Coordinating responses to crisis in rural communities requires consideration of issues such as access to trained professionals, access to resources, and the availability of relevant and culturally competent crisis intervention strategies from outside the community. This coordination also includes utilizing traditional sources for support that are sensitive to the rural culture. This webinar focused on discussing the components necessary for the development of an effective disaster crisis response plan within a rural community coordinating among all stakeholders. Presenters also highlighted efforts that are currently being implemented in rural communities across the country.

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