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Family Engagement and Youth-Guided Approaches: Expanding Services and Supports Through Time Banking in Rural Communities

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 00:00
Blau, G., Marks, M., Hart, S., Daniels, T., Francis, K.
Rural Behavioral Health Webinar Series

This webinar focused on practical strategies for harnessing the assets that exist within rural communities and among families, children and youth to address behavioral health needs and well-being. By emphasizing the principles of family-driven and youth-guided approaches, presenters discussed the importance of meaningful integration of these principles into the delivery of services and programs in rural communities. The webinar highlighted the wraparound/advocacy model utilized by Youth Advocate Programs, Inc., in working with cross-system involved youth and families in its upstate New York locations, including a tribal community. The webinar also highlighted time banking as a strategy for effective asset building in a rural community in northern California. Time banking is a reciprocal service exchange where community members share time for services, where each hour of service is valued the same.

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